You can find Match the Dealer in almost any type of blackjack, be it in Spanish 21 (Pontoon), standard American blackjack, and so on. The payout in Match the dealer blackjack usually differs and the game is playable with any number of decks. The most common side bet payouts include Spanish 21- 6 decks and Blackjack- 6 decks. In this thrilling Las Vegas classic vibrant, match the dealer side bet usually takes the center stage. It uses a very straightforward principle, a player wins if one or two of their initial cards match the dealer's upcard. Honestly, match the dealer is not so popular a game. However, as demonstrated in , there is a whole lot of reasons you should attempt it.

Overview of Match the Dealer Blackjack

Match the dealer is a blackjack side bet that is primarily known to be played in traditional blackjack. Other times, it is played in Spanish 21. The bet gets an automatic win once the payer's hand matches the dealer's cards in rank and suit or just in rank alone. At the Spanish 21 the payouts are such that two suited matches pay 18:1; one non-suited match and one suited match pay 13:1; one suited match pays 9:1; two non-suited matches pay 8:1; and one non-suited match pays 4:1. In the case of traditional blackjack, Two suited matches pay 22:1; One non-suited match and one suited match pay 15:1; One suited match pays 11:1; Two non-suited matches pay 8:1, and one non-suited match pays 4:1.

The popularity of match the dealer blackjack cannot compare to that of other side bets, such as 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. It is, however, quite difficult to explain the reason behind its lack of popularity. Most punters tend to be highly attracted to high variance games. Match the Dealer games, on the other hand, are frequent wins/ low payouts types of bets. This could perhaps be one of the reasons such bets are most common among newbie punters and blackjack enthusiasts. This, however, that match the dealer blackjack isn't worth a try. If your intention is to spice up your blackjack game, match the dealer blackjack might just be the right game you were looking for.

Should You Play Match the Dealer Blackjack?

Although match the dealer blackjack is not necessarily as lucrative as other side bets, it is capable of providing a player with some frequent wins. despite its low payout, match the dealer blackjack is still worth playing. The most important thing to learn before going for this side bet is the blackjack variant that offers this side bet. To make most of playing this game, be sure to learn the proper strategy. As you play this optional bet, you are expected to predict that your cards will match the dealer's face-up card. Compared to other side bets that a punter can play on blackjack, this is a less risky one. With eight decks in play, its payout can go up to 28:1.

Rules, Payouts, and How the Side Bet Works

In Match the dealer blackjack's Pirate 21, the dealer hits on a soft 17. This, in essence, puts them in an advantage. A blackjack hand with five or more cards will pay in the same manner as Spanish 21. The case, however, is slightly different when it comes to a non-suited match in which it pays 4:1. Suited match, on the contrary, pays 9:1. If you are lucky enough to match both cards, you will only receive payment from the highest match. the match the dealer side bet has a house edge of 3.06%. As in the case of Spanish 21, it is a blackjack game with six decks having all tens removed from the shoe. It works as follows:

  • A house edge of 3.05% for the match the dealer bet
  • A pay of 4:1 for unsuited match
  • A pay of 9:1 for suited match

In this game, it is acceptable that a punter hits and doubles down after splitting any card that includes Aces. if you create a blackjack hand with 7, 6, or 5 cards, it pays 3:1, 2:1, and 3:2 respectively. It is notable that there is a significant variation in the payouts and rules from one game to another. For example, whereas some games offer prizes for one or two matched cards, others only offer payouts for a suited or non-suited match. The number of decks in play, to a greater extent, influences the house edge of the match the dealer side bet. You need to make an additional wager in order to play the Match the Dealer.